FUT 21 – Leaked Document Reveals Plans For Ultimate Team

FUT 21 – Leaked Document Reveals Plans For Ultimate Team

A leaked document from the FUT 21 marketing team reveals that Ultimate Team is the most popular mode and FUT is driving players towards it.

FUT 21 Ultimate Team, or FUT 21, is a catchy game mode that features an impressive selection of cards and numerous activities. FUT 21 has come to the attention of the press recently when a leaked document gave a glimpse of FUT’s strategy regarding this mode. The document was provided to CBC Go Public by a “gaming insider”. The document has 54 pages but only two were published on the Internet. The leaked document is about the release of FUT 21 in October 2020.

FUT 21 Leaked Document Shows The Focus On FUT 21

The document is supposedly from a marketing meeting. The two pages published by CBC concern Ultimate Team. One of the pages bears the title “5 Things You Need To Know”. The first line is about the number of active players. It shows that the game is at its peak with more than five million players.

The second bullet point says that the current goal of the people at FUT is to keep players entertained throughout mid-September. The document also says that players should be convinced to convert throughout the summer. It’s specified that players will receive messages and be compelled to convert. This is most likely part of a FUT 21 advertising campaign whose aim is to retain the FUT 20 player base. The fourth point is the most interesting. This is what sparked controversy. It says in bold that FUT IS THE CORNERSTONE.

It also mentions that the people in charge are doing everything they can to make players interested in FUT 21. As we all know, FUT 21 can be a real money sink. It’s based on premium loot boxes that have been labeled as gambling. Belgium even banned the sale of loot boxes in the game.

The fifth and last point of the document mentions the return of the football matches will help them achieve their goals of converting the player base and driving it towards Ultimate Team. The second page of the document is called Turning Up The Heat and lists five goals and strategies. Once again, it highlights the team’s focus on Ultimate Team. It says that “all roads lead to FUT” and players should be encouraged to play it even if this means neglecting other modes. It also says that the FUT Welcome Pack should be updated to give newcomers better chances. The document also mentions that new FUT content based on the most recent football events will keep players entertained.

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