What Everyone Is Saying About vanilla visa card

What Everyone Is Saying About vanilla visa card

Summer is a difficult time to celebrate a birthday, everyone is on vacation, shops are down and, in general, here are fewer original ideas than the rest of the year, for this reason, today there is a good compilation with 7 original ideas to find the perfect gift!

Custom towel

It is perfect for the beach, the pool, the gym, the shower, in short, it is an extra-practical gift and, above all, unique, because it can be personalized with thefavorite image or design. The personalized towel is made of microfiber fabric and is available in 4 different models: single towel, double towel (both are personalized with a photo), collage towel and family towel.

Custom patio umbrella

With this umbrella you will never get lost when you get out of the water, more than anything because it will be impossible to confuse it with another. You can choose the photographs that you want to include in the umbrella (up to 8 photos) that will be attached to the bottom of the umbrella, as you see in the image.

Mobile phone case

Being near water always involves a risk, more or less great, for the integrity of your mobile. That is why, the best thing, to avoid disappointment, is to get a water case like this one, with a hermetic seal, that prevents any type of accident and keeps your mobile protected against any liquid. To check my vanilla visa balance along with the case would be a nice option.

Custom beach chair

One of the most original ideas are been seen, the personalized beach chair can be designed with your favorite image, photo or design (it would be worth, for example, a print, a landscape or even your family’s photo), which would be printed on the fabric of the hammock. For its part, the structure of the hammock is foldable to make it easier to handle, and is made of beech wood.

Custom beach bag

The personalized bag is a good idea when you are looking for a nice beach bag or, at least, that fits your tastes, since the beach bag is designed with the image that you want. Plus, it’s bright and summery blue and big enough to fit all of your must-have beach / pool items.

Custom flip flops

At first glance, customizing flip flops may not seem like a brilliant idea, but it is much more useful than it sounds. For example, you can customize the flip flops for all members of a bachelor party, you can use them as an advertising gift if you have a company and, in general, they are great for any event.